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Welcome to Himerria's Choreography portfolio. From experimental passion projects to commissioned work for clients, she's had the opportunity to create a variety of projects for the dynamic entertainment industry and world of art. Himerria thrives on creative challenges and enjoys building strong relationships along the way. 

As a choreographer and movement director, Wortham specializes in developing movement that highlights the individual's style. Often this movement is generated in collaboration with the artist to capture their essence and ensure their voice is represented within the project.

Explore Himerria's work below, and don't hesitate to reach out to learn more. 


Thistles and Thorns (A Fairytale for Black Girls)
Yazmin Monet Watkins

Thistles and Thorns (A Fairytale for Black Girls)

Thistles and Thorns follows the symbolic trials and tribulations of a young woman named Assata who is sent into a treacherous jungle to bring magic back to the garden of sisterhood. The film features a rich atmosphere and diverse cast, and offers a unique and inspiring fantasy experience from the minds of Kalie Acheson and Yazmin Monet Watkins. An ANIMI Production in collaboration with Yazmin Monet Watkins Creative | Directed by Kalie Acheson Story by Yazmin Monet Watkins & Kalie Acheson Written by Yazmin Monet Watkins & David Vieux Screenplay by Yazmin Monet Watkins & David Vieux Produced by Kalie Acheson and Charles Latham Production Design: ANIMI Director of Photography: Kyle Stryker Co-Producer / Line Producer: Tammy Sanchez Co-producer / Steadicam: Jess Lopez Co-producer: Evan Allen-Gessesse Movement Director: Himerria Wortham Makeup: Ryan Burke Costume Design: Archie Robertson & Jennifer Luna Production First AD: Evan Allen-Gessesse Second AD: Jacqueline Wilton Production Supervisor: Liz Olenski Cast (In Order of Appearance) Assata: Yazmin Monet Watkins Venus Fly Trap: Misako Envela Fox: Himerria Wortham Ancestor: Erinn Anova Hummingbird: Kelli Wheeler Helpful Tree: Wyntergrace Williams Future Warriors 1: Madison Watkins Future Warriors 2: Zoe Watkins Camera Department Steadicam Operator: Jessica Lopez Camera PA: Amanda Hamaday 1st AC: Paul Goodin MK-V Operator: Ruben Sjlutier 2nd AC: Renni Pollock Grip and Electric Department Gaffer: Pony Gold Additional Key Grip: Ashley Layne Best Girl Grip: Rachel Bickert Best Girl Electric: Christa Pedersen Key Grip: Gabriel Carnick Lighting PA: Chris Salas Makeup Department Additional Makeup: Allison McGillicuddy Construction Department Mitch Romero Gus Edwards Gabe Demonte-Finn Josh Hargrave Art Department Set Decorator: Brian Mayfield Scenic Painter: Bev Klopfenstein Lead Fabricator: Caitlyn Brisbin Art PA: Crystal Tree Art PA: Anna Akana Art PA: Jan-Michael Losada Art PA: Matt Brugger Art PA: Philip Nunez Art PA: Sarah Gorski Art PA: Renni Pollock Art PA: Samuel Raymond Art PA: Angel Lopez Art PA: David Smith Production Assistants Madeline Alonzo James Harvey Jacob Berman Wynston Stanback Shelby Ferguson Orlando Tarango Behind the Scenes Ethan Coco Mario Pujas Mark Escribano Sinziana Velicescu Brianna Lopez BTS Ronin Op: Najee Rawlins Post Production Editor: Charles Latham Score: Steady Holiday & Selina Carrera w/ Will Collelo Co-Editor/Visual Effects: Ethan Coco Additional Production Staff Social Media / Copywriter: Julian Wildhack Catering: Molly Latham Partners and Sponsors Airstar America Fiilex Kino Flo Lighting Systems Matthews Studio Equipment Castex Rentals Green Sets Recycled Movie Sets Special Thanks Mark Lefleur Adam Rettek


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